Wednesday, January 31, 2018

Arrow and The Flash Thoughts, DuckTales FINISHED!

Finally saw last weeks episode of Arrow, and it's so weird at how easily Oliver gave into James demands for $10 Million, but it was cool to see William save the kids on the school bus when the shit hit the fan, plus seeing why Oliver does what he does and why. In regards to this week's episode of The Flash, Goldberg showed more character range in this episode than in all his years in wrestling and all his previous acting endeavors, this was also a nice 'Harry' episode to give him a confidence boost while setting up Barry's secret being discovered by the 'evil' warden as a cliffhanger for next week's episode.

On tonight's twitch broadcast, I finished up DuckTales Remastered.... died probably more times in the final segments (get the dime and escape the volcano) than any other point in the game, including the lead up to facing Count Dracula Duck. I did find it hilarious that they couldn't call him Count Duckula because that was the name of a character that debuted on the classic version of Danger Mouse.Also... whenever I hear Magica Da Spell, I feel she should be like a six-foot-tall brunette from Eastern Europe hanging our with a short guy named Boris and chasing Moose and Squirrel....

Of course here are clips from my January 30, 2018 broadcast of DuckTales: Remastered

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