Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Lets Play & Review: Tyler Model-005

Hello Dwellers and Welcome To The Basement...

Every so often, someone brings something to my attention, and I've been lucky so far that I've been presented with some quality stuff... and that string of success continues when @codybye over Twitter made me aware of a game that is trying to raise funds over on Kickstarter, 'Tyler: Model-005' (Click Here For Kickstarter Information).

The game premise as presented is that Tyler awakens after being deactivated for a long period of time, and has to find his creator. Pretty simple and basic, you don't need big over the top stories and stuff, just present a nice premise like this and you can hook people in.

Now the angle with the game is that Tyler is a robot who is only a few inches tall, and thus our everyday world (or that of the 1950s) to him is ginormous in scale. Now maybe it's because I just finished going over Doctor Who: Planet of Giants last week, but I feel this game hits on some of the 'big challenges' that could associate with trying to get around in a big world, which adds a lot of charm, and presents unique ways to look at things.

Graphically, the demo is freaking gorgeous. I played it in 'windowed' mode, and everything is so beautifully detailed. Hell there are some main stream games that don't look this good. Once you get out of the tutorial level and into the house, you can see those little every day details that we would never notice in real life, presented nearly flawlessly. Again, this is the DEMO. There is great lighting as well, certainly helping create an atmosphere but also playing a key part in the game play, where if you go into dark area,s Tyler shines a light, but it drains his power, and if doesn't get to where there is light (any kind of light), he dies. So there is an incentive to always be aware of your surroundings.

Sound wise, the background music sounds great, kind of soothing, you are aware of it, but aren't distracted by it. The opening theme fits the time period of the early to mid 50s nicely. Sound effects are okay, and the voice over work from what I heard is well done.

The controls.... now keeping in mind this is a demo that I was playing, I had some issues with the control. I could navigate fairly easily with the WASD keys, however turning involved using the mouse, and I admit I've always struggled with that various games, but it is difficult to line up Tyler to get him to go in a general direction. The mouse buttons serve to attack, but some key commands didn't always seem functional, in particularly R to pick up items! The good news is that the game did recognize my gamepad, so using the left and right analog sticks made moving Tyler easier, but still need the keyboard for various commands, it seems like not all the individual controls are mapped out yet.

Verdict: Tyler Model 005 is a game with a lot of promise and potential, just going by the demo I played, there is a lot to be excited about, with the only real gripe I have is using the mouse to turn and the keyboard commands for things like picking up items not working.

Recap and Reviewing Arrow: Too Many Trust Issues Spoil The Soup

Hello Dwellers and Welcome to The Basement! Tonight I'm going over the Arrow episode 'A Matter of Trust', which guest starred Cody Rhodes. Was the episode good, was it bad, and I guess the Flash messing with time didn't bring back the good version of Deadshot.

  • I couldn't tell if Mr. Terrifc was hitting on Ragman or not
  • Felicity's bombshell of a revelation certainly will be interesting if it's followed up on
  • Cody turning into a variation of Solomon Grundy via a substance called Stardust is rather ironic
  • Cody's performance was solid, it wasn't a breakout role or anything special
  • The flashbacks need to go away, this week's lesson just hammered in the 'moral' of the actual main story even more so
  • I'm know some fic writers who will have a field day with Speedy dealing with the reporter


Live From The Basement: Star Trek Online 10/19/2016

Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Recap and Review Agents of SHIELD: Chains on Fire, Team Reunited

Hello Dwellers and Welcome to the Basement... tonight we're going over episode 4 of season 4 of Agents of SHIELD, 'Let Me Stand Next to Your Fire'. Was this a good episode? Was this to get all the good guys on the same page? Was this just to have a fun car chase?! 

  • I'm sure there are many fan fic writers who will be coming up with 'interesting ways' for Quake to convince Simmons to help her. 
  • The car chase was fun, but felt it went a minute too long
  • Really seems like the goal of the episode was to the main cast of characters on the same page, including Robbie
  • That breakaway wall was just... bad... really... really bad....

Some could argue that Coulson should be on the other side of the glass

The face of a man who sold his sold to the devil....

Even without going full 'Flaming Skull', Robbie is has a threatening feel to him

Recap and Reviewing The Flash - Jesse's Quick, Magenta Flourishes

Hello Dwellers and Welcome to the Basement...tonight we're talking about the latest episode of 'The Flash', titled 'Magenta', was this the shot in the arm the show needed to get out of the rut it's been in season the middle of season two?

  • Joey King deserves a lot of praise for her portrayal of Frankie / Magenta, creating two very different personalities that she has to switch back and forth from at various points
  • I'm predicting the following: Wally is going to seek out Doctor Alchemy and is going to end up fighting Barry
  • The return of Harrison and Jesse were certainly welcome, and we got some great character development for both.

Don't Make Frankie Angry... Cause Magenta Comes Out To Play

Harrison contemplates the Future

A Hear To Hear with Wally & Joe

Jesse and Caitlin

Gotham: Bruce Likes Selina, Butch's Backfire

Hello Dwellers and Welcome To The Basement... this morning we're going over last night's episode of  Gotham titled 'Mad City - Anything For You', was this a good episode, a bad episode or was this an episode used to advance as many plots as possible because of what appears to be the focus of next week's episode? 

  • Sooner or later, Penguine and Riddler's bromance is gonna take an interesting turn, and I'm thinking they are going to go the LGBTQ route with them.
  • To the shock of no one familiar with the Batman Universe, Bruce and Selina like each other, the big thing is how is it going to end up tying to the stuff with Ivy
  • Let's remember Ivy's transmutation did not change the years that she really is, just her physical form
  • Because of the focus on the Mad Hater this season, Butch's scheme felt rather rushed 


Monday, October 17, 2016

SUPERGIRL: Metallo Times Two & Super Team-Ups

Hello Dwellers and Welcome to the Basement...  We are going over this week's episode of Supergirl, titled 'The Last Children of Krypton', that features not one but two Metallos who face their ends in ways that belong in 'Mortal Kombat', plus shake ups at CatCo and other things of note. 

  • Surprised not one, but two versions of Metallo were killed off in this episode, but their deaths were pretty damn gruesome and cool.
  • The shake ups of the show as the result of the move from CBS to the CW is shown, in particular with the apparent departure of Calista Flockhart's Cat Grant
  • Kara following Kal's path into being reported is a nice parallel, plus her new 'boss' is enough of a gruff guy that you'll see her learning from him