Saturday, May 20, 2017

Basement Games For The Week of May 21 to May 28 #TeamEmmmmsie

The following post is to basically list what games I intend to play this week. This is subject to change

Sunday Night: Saints Row The Third - Push Towards 100% Completition
-Due to a WWE Pay-Per-View this Sunday, instead of Final Fantasy VII it's back to the Row!

Monday Night: The Turing Test
-Started playing this game on Wednseday Night and got about 1/2 way through it in one sitting

Tuesday Night: Star Trek Online
-By Semi-popular demand, Star Trek Online is back to having a dedicated night with tunes as well!

Wednesday Night: The Turing Test or Something Else
-Depending on if I complete The Turing Test on Monday

Thursday Night: The Turing Test or Saints Row The Third
-Depending of I Complete The Turing Test on either Monday or Wednesday

Friday Night: Song Requests Turned On / Miscellaneous Game Night!
-Yes I will go through the pain and suffering of turning the song requests on. Games include Smite, Paladins, The Final Exam, etc

Saturday Night: Star Wars The Old Republic
-We shall work on making the Empire see the Light... saber as I cut down enemies with it :D

Sunday Night: Final Fantasy VII
-Cloud, Tifa, and the rest return to the Basement!

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