Saturday, May 20, 2017

Basement Games For The Week of May 21 to May 28 #TeamEmmmmsie

The following post is to basically list what games I intend to play this week. This is subject to change

Sunday Night: Saints Row The Third - Push Towards 100% Completition
-Due to a WWE Pay-Per-View this Sunday, instead of Final Fantasy VII it's back to the Row!

Monday Night: The Turing Test
-Started playing this game on Wednseday Night and got about 1/2 way through it in one sitting

Tuesday Night: Star Trek Online
-By Semi-popular demand, Star Trek Online is back to having a dedicated night with tunes as well!

Wednesday Night: The Turing Test or Something Else
-Depending on if I complete The Turing Test on Monday

Thursday Night: The Turing Test or Saints Row The Third
-Depending of I Complete The Turing Test on either Monday or Wednesday

Friday Night: Song Requests Turned On / Miscellaneous Game Night!
-Yes I will go through the pain and suffering of turning the song requests on. Games include Smite, Paladins, The Final Exam, etc

Saturday Night: Star Wars The Old Republic
-We shall work on making the Empire see the Light... saber as I cut down enemies with it :D

Sunday Night: Final Fantasy VII
-Cloud, Tifa, and the rest return to the Basement!

Star Trek Online Highlights and Tonight's Trek Tunes Playlist

Ah... just another Thursday which saw Star Trek Online being featured. On this week's broadcast I tore through the bland Breen story arc...