Thursday, December 8, 2016

The Real Ghostbusters: A Hard Day's Fright (Comics From The Basement)

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This week's comic book review is The Real Ghostbusters: A Hard Day's Fright from Titan Books.

  • Back in the 1980s, there was obviously comics based in the popular animated series that spun out from the 1984 film… however while here in the United States, the comics were published by NOW comics… over Marvel UK had the license, and it was of the labels more popular titles in its stable, along with ThunderCats & Transformers. The best part was that UK not only got reprints of US content, but had their own exclusive content which they published in a magazine-style anthology publication starting in March 1988 and ran until March of 1992, for 193 issues, and had a nice format of having 3 to 4 comics, Egon Spengler’s Spirit Guide (an in universe detailing of the ghosts featured in the comic), and other features.
  • Now the first of these four digest was ‘A Hard Day’s Fright’ which has a publish date of August 2005, with an indication that it was printed in Italy, which makes this (and the three that followed it) the only things I have in my collection that was printed out of that country.
  • Though this is a trade collection, the cover is rather eye catching, with The boys coming out the back of the Ecto-One, with Peter, Winston and Egon firing their proton packs, while Ray looks like he got shoved out by Peter.
  • The format of this digest is a series of short comic tales, averaging two to four pages in length, with the occasional 8-page story (actually a single story broken into two parts, I’m guessing in the original printing for things to be featured such as the prior mentioned Spirit Guide). The stories are more comedic in tone, though the longer tales such as Ecto-X, are pretty good since they have room for a plot to develop
  • This collects stories from from issues 1-7, 9, 11, 19, 50 and 99 of the Marvel UK Ghostbusters run.
  • The artwork is a bit all over the place, due to the quite a few different artists working on the Marvel UK Ghostbuster comic in the 80s, some things are very detailed, others are more cartoonish, designs of the Ghostbusters and Janine can vary quite dramatically from one story to the next, but still everything comes across as it should, even with a few color-errors here and there.

For that this is as a digest of Ghostbusters comics that is tough to find, it’s perfectly fine. The stories and artwork isn’t going to blow anyone away, but for Ghostheads it’s a fine addition to anyone’s collection.

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