Thursday, December 8, 2016

DC's Legends of Tomorrow: The Chicago Way

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It's Thursday Night and we had a brand new episode of DC's Legends of Tomorrow, and so we're doing a little review of the mid-season finale titled  'The Chicago Way' (Season 2, Episode 8), plus I address the move of Legends to Tuesday nights  and try to figure out the best way to approach it.

  • Mid-season finale, Legends returns on January 24th instead of staying on Thursdays, which just royally screws with my schedule
  • This episode was just a lot of fun, and we finally see the return of Rip Hunter, guess we know when Broadchurch finished filming... 
  • I like the idea of Mick having 'Snart' in his head, certainly adds an extra dimension to his actions.
  • Ray and Nate being basically the show's version of Step-Brothers was a bit funny, particularly with the pay-off being a reference to Sean Connery's 'Knife to a Gun Fight' line from the Untouchables film
  • We at last know what The Legion of Doom is looking for, the Spear of Destiny, so thus we have a race to find it first
  • I particularly liked Sara closing bit with Stein about them being family

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