Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Blue Seed: "Innocence! Love! My First Kiss?!"

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On this edition of Talking Anime, we're going over episode 10 of Blue Seed, titled 'Innocence! Love! My First Kiss?!', we learn some more Murakumo, get some TOAD-ally bad puns, and how well Momiji reacts to getting the 'kiss of life' from Kusanagi ! 

  • Original Air date:  December 7, 1994, English Air date: December 4, 1999
  • More about Murakumo is revealed, his mission is to wipe out the aragami that joins with lesser beings (such as plants & animals) for they are deemed inperfect in order to plan for word domination. He isn't interested in Momiji just yet, foreshadowing major events are coming down the line
  • Kusanagi figures out Murakumo is not on his side, and we get to see both full transform, but it's revealed that Murakumo has 8th mitama (seeds) to Kusangi's 7, giving him not only more strength and speed, but flight as well. 
  • During the episode Momiji gets caught underground in a cave-in, Kusanagi rescues her and performs mouth to mouth, since a big part of her persona is the desire to have a first kiss, she doesn't know how to feel about receiving the 'kiss of life' as her first lip to lip contact, it has a lot of bearing on her actions in this episode
  • The Aragmi in this episode, a giant fire breathing frog severed a a couple purposes, of not only giving Blue Seed a big time monster of the week, but also serves as opening the door to Momiji using her mitama for more than just tracking down Aragami, in close enough proximity to Kusangi, between the two of them they have 8 and she can fly. Also, there are bunch of stupid toad puns that are so toad-ally bad, you could just croak.

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