Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Agents of SHIELD: The Laws of Inferno Dynamics (Recap & Review)

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It's Tuesday Night and we had a brand new episode of Marvel's Agents of SHIELD with the mid-season finale 'The Laws of Inferno Dynamics' (Season 4, Episode 8) and so we're recapping and reviewing it, plus we're talking about ABC's plans involving Marvel's InHumans!

  • This wasn't just a mid-season finale, this was a chapter closer, as basically the Eli-Robbie-Ghost Rider stuff got wrapped up fairly nice and neat.... 
  • Mace is a total B.S. artist, knows how to work the media to his advantage even getting Daisy back on board... 
  • The Mack-YoYo stuff felt a tad bit tacked on but I'll give it a pass...
  • ADA has the Real Agent May locked in a closet and an Android is in her spot, which sets up the opening of the second half of the Season, subtitled 'L.M.D.', aka Life Model Decoy
  • All in all not really a whole lot to talk about it really, if ABC cancelled the show, get rid of the revelation about ADA and it's a nice series closer.
  • I believe Agents of SHIELD returns January 17, 2016, not sure

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