The Flash: Shade (Recap & Review)

Hello Dwellers and Welcome to the Basement...

It's Tuesday night and we had a new episode of The Flash, so we as an I am recapping and reviewing 'Shade' (Episode 6, Season 3)

  • Good lord was this episode terrible, great ideas executed poorly [much like the fics I write 8)
  • HR was the only saving grace with him pointing out that having Star Labs open could provide the team extra cover, to hitting on Joe's would-be girlfriend to having insight on Shade, dude was on point
  • The Caitlin stuff was just awful here, just totally bad execution
  • Wally West basically became a whiny jealous twit that needed to get cold-cocked (thank you Iris)... 
  • They are going to their money's work out of that Zoom costume aren't they with how the new big bad (Savitar?) looked

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