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Doctor Who: Supremacy of the Cybermen #1 (Comics From the Basement)

Hello Dwellers and Welcome to the Basement...
Back in September I was asked to take a look at Doctor Who Supremacy of the Cybermen, the mini-series being published by Titan Comics to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the one of the top villains in the Doctor Who franchise, and thus, we are going over issue #1 today. 

  • I actually have the first four issues of the mini-series, but I'm going to space out the reviews a bit to allow everyone to track them down first!
  • The artwork on the Doctors is fine, but the artwork on the companions from the show (Rose & Jackie Tyler, Captain Jack) is pretty bad
  • With four Doctors, it's amazing they all get just about equal time to set up their perils that they will be facing over the course of the story.
  •  This is a light and easy ready, very well written and executed as flawlessly as possible to kick start the mini-series.



Hello Dwellers and Welcome to Comics From The Basement…

As you probably know because of Tales from the TARDIS, another of my series here this pokey little channel I am a Doctor Who fan, and back in September, Electricmastro asked me to take a look as Supremacy of the Cybermen to help celebrate the 50th Anniversary of one of the franchises most memorable villains. Due to already having the ‘iZombie Apocalypse’ retrospective planned for October, that meant the earliest I could get to this week’s comic was November… and guess what folks, it’s November! So let’s get right into reviewing Doctor Who: Supremacy of the Cybermen part 1 of 5, and see how in comic form the event kicks off.

First, let’s talk about the cover… being an event comic, this issue has 5 variants to it, the one that elected to purchase (as features four of t he Doctors, particularly the ninth, tenth, eleventh and twelfth doctors… or 10, 11, 12 and 13 depending on how you count with the War Doctor, leaping out towards the reader… it’s fine and call, but considering this is a Cyberman story, one kind of would’ve thought the Cybermen would be on the cover with the Doctors beyond the little cyberhead. Yes I know one of the variants for each issue features a Cyberman, but I’m just picky in that regard.

As for the story itself… it jumps between the four Doctors, so for simplicity sake I’m going to summarize their four respective plot lines here.

On the planet Karn, the TARDIS has landed and a Sister of Karn uncovers it, the 12th Doctor pops his head out wanting to be taken to Ohila, the supreme sister of the planet. The Doctor reveals he has come to Karn to get to Gallifrey, but he can’t get through the transduction barrier and can’t reached the high council, so he’s there to use a ‘door’ on Karn, a Vortex Tsunamis, that goes right to the capitol on Galifrey. Ohila isn’t pleased that the Doctor is making demands, but is more than willing to help after the Cybermen burst in. Once on Galifrey The Doctor rushes to call for the Time Lords to prepare for a rescue mission but runs right into Rassalon, who has been partially cyber-coverted, two cybermen and out the window, in the orange sky of the planet of the Time Lords is a Cyber-ship.

In Prehistoric Earth, the 11th Doctor and his companion Alice are searching for a looking for an anniversary gift for Jenny to give to Madam Vastra, After Alice unknowingly picks a fruit that is toxic to our favorite Victorian-Silurian, they are chased by a large dinosaur. They are ‘saved’ by a T-Rex, which has noticeable cyber implants on its face… and things go from bad to worst as they are captured by Silurians… who have been cyber-coverted

In the 24th Censtury, The 10th Doctor and his two companions. Gabby Gonzalez and Cindy Wu are taking a space bus through a section of space called the Null Zone, an area where using the TARDIS isn’t exactly a good idea… and he’s taking them to the cosomart, an entire planet converted into a shopping mall… I am not kidding. They ‘beam on down’… again not kidding… but something is wrong and end up encountering Sontarians, who their eye-patched leader declaring ‘On Your Knees Alien Scum!’ Gabby and Cindy aren’t ones to ‘surrender’, but the Doctor tells them to chill out and they are taken prisoners to the Sontarian Imperial flagship, and this all part of the Doctor’s plan to get captured

At The Powell Estate in London in the year 2006, Jackie Tyler (or lord) is being chased by a charging cyber-beast as The 9th Doctor, Rose Tyler and Captain Jack Harkness swoop in a hovercar to rescue her before she is caught. Jackie yells at the Doc, saying everything is his fault as the Cybermen have invaded over a period of 3 days, and he suspects someone or something is helping them, and they are off to retrieve the TARDIS.

Verdict: This comic is quite good, it’s a light easy brisk read that gives about equal time to all four Doctors, setting up the crisis they are going to be dealing with over the course of this mini-series. The art-work is pretty good, the Doctors certainly look like who they are supposed to… but Jackie, Rose and Jack look more like someone drew them based on someone telling them what they look like. Overall it gets everything off on the right foot. And it’s certainly worth checking out.

Now next week, we’re not going to go over part two in the series, I’ll save that for next month.

Instead next week, it’s back to Star Trek The Next Generation, to wrap up the Ardra on Shanzibar trilogy!

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