Talking Gotham - New Day Rising In A Mad City

Hello Dwellers and Welcome to the Basement... woke up early to watch last night's Gotham, since Supergirl for me is more of a priority (let's face it, Superman is better than Batman). And so here is a quick vlog regarding what I thought about the fourth episode of Gotham's third season, 'Mad City - New Day Rising'. Does the new day rock? Well... somewhat... 

  • In my opinion, it seems like Five (Bruce's Clone) is going to end up being Batman
  • I don't see Penguin staying in the spot as Mayor of Gotham long
  • The main storyline (with Gordon / Mad Hatter) felt a bit 'lets get it done'
  • Interesting to see where the Butch / Nygma rivalry goes
  • Barnes being effected by Alice's blood means that he's probably getting written off the show soon

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