Friday, October 7, 2016

STFridays - Week of October 6, 2016

Hello Dwellers and Welcome To The Basement...

Technically recording on  Thursday, but by the time this is posted it's 'STFriday', This time out, the missions are: "Azure Nebula Rescue", "The Battle of Korfez" &  "Miner Instabilities".


Now Miner Instabilities I've featured before, but this is the first vid in a long while I did covering "Azure Nebula Rescue" and "The Battle of Korfex", so let's break those down.

"ANR" is basically free as many trapped Romulan vessells from the Tholians within a set time limit, each time of ship is worth a different amount of points. It's a fun, dash back and forth between for points type of mission... though there is a way to really work the system.

My personal preference is the team to split up into a team of 3 and a team of 2, with each team going back and forth between two points (North + East. South+West). Not many like this approach as it seems like it may leave one team hanging as the other waits for something to respawn, HOWEVER here's the thing, by the time it takes each team to free the ships from the second of their chose asteroids, the first one should respawn, thus you getting maximum chances to get points. The only time all five players should come together is when the Falchon dreadnaughts appear, since those are worth 5 points and have the toughest enemies guarding them.

Now the "Battle of Korfez"... set during the conflict portion with the 'Vaadwaur', this is a multi-stage mission set at the highest possible difficulty in the game. This is a brutal, tough as nails space battle set across four stages, the first three stages are fairly easy when players work as a team and stick together... the final stage is an overly frustrating grind fest to wear down a 'Vaadwaur' ship that has jumps back and forth between points, making it easy to lose track of while also trying to prevent it from blowing up a star (such as seen in Star Trek Generations), the team I was on came painfully close to beating it cause everything was going so perfectly... and I take the blame for it, because it can't find the damn enemy vessel when it jumps and it takes forever to get from one point to another when Red Alert doesn't go down quick enough to lock in full impulse. If you ever want to see me feel bad about letting team mates down... yeah this is the mission for that...

Also of note regarding this run on "Miner Instabilities", somethimg I've never seen before is the Romulans re-appering in the camp, normally I just see the Na'Kuhl there and they are tough enough, but to have the Romulans re-spawn, that was a bit of overkill in my opinion. I actually though the mission glitched because of the seemingly endless amount of enemies.


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