Sunday, July 31, 2016

Spotlight - ZomCats by Jack Strange (Beta Review)!

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A while back, I read and reviewed, Celebrity Chef Zombie Apocalypse by Jack Strange…. And because of that, I was given the chance to review a ‘Beta Version’ of the sequel, ‘ZomCats’. First off, I want to say thank you to Mr. Strange for given me an opportunity to read the unpolished version, it says a lot about the confidence of a creator to want to see some advance feedback. Now at the time of this review, ZomCats is slated for a release on in October of 2016, so, slight spoiler warning cause some things I do have to talk about.

ZomCats is the continuing adventures of Herderson, a cat that was ran over, killed, and resurrected as the world first Zombie Cat, where he was the pet / companion for Floyd Rampant… in the climax of Celebrity Chef Zombie Apocalypse, Henderson fled the chaotic scene and has ended up on the door step of Bob Slawit… and that my friends, is where the fun begins as a new Zombie outbreak occurs… but that’s not all… Rampant is still around as well, plotting...

Much like CCZA, ZomCats, is a brisk read, thanks to short chapters that makes you want to continue reading, and there is a lot of great ‘visual’ writing. What I mean by that, is that the detailing of the action will easily make you visualize what it taking place. Not to mention some great use of current events to feed into the story, such as a certain guy with odd hair wanting to build a wall… and I’ll leave it at that, again don’t want to give away too much, but there is certainly a lot of enjoyment to have reading ZomCats. And also like CCZA, ZomCats has a bit of an open ending, leaving room for further further exploration of the world of Zombie Chefs and Cats…

So what’s the verdict, well I actually enjoyed ZomCats more than CCZA, because it really open things up, taking things on a more… shall we say… global scale, and I do believe that when its released in a couple of months, readers are going to enjoy it. 


But in the mean time, why not head over to and check out Celebrity Chef Zombie Apocalypse if you haven't already, this way you can be ready for when ZomCats becomes available! 

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