Friday, October 4, 2019

10/3/2019 Star Trek Online moments

Tonight's stream ran long thanks to having the day off on Friday, and during this week Star Trek Online run, I ended up seeing a lot of the new remastered cut scenes that was added, as well as seeing that some missions have been shorten and new voices overs have been put in. Did notice a bug that resulted in the Specters 5-part mission not being accessible for whatever reason, hopefully they get that fixed.Anyway we'll be back to things tomorrow 7 PM at and I think we'll be just going all in on the Pro-Reg run of Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2

10/18/2019 Friday the 13th

For Friday Night Frights it was the return of Friday the 13th, as I only got to play one match as Jason, and the rest as the survivors / cam...