Wednesday, October 2, 2019

10/2/2019 Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2 Moments

Tonight's stream saw the finishing of the Anti-Reg campaign of Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2... and then I started up the pro-reg variant, which will continue on Monday. I actually did had to look how how to deal with Nick Fury the games final boss, but I am pleased to see how over-powered the characters are in the 'new game'. Still wondering where the hell some collectables are as I was being pretty damn thorough looking around. Ah we. Tomorrow night Star Trek Online over at

10/1/2019 Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2 Moments

We open October with night 2 of Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2, knocking all of Chapter 2 and opening up things into Chapter 3 by saving Wakanda. It really blows my mind at how short this game is, but I did die twice and had to reload checkpoints due to glitches. So tomorrow should be interesting. Of course the stream starts at 7PM EST over at

10/18/2019 Friday the 13th

For Friday Night Frights it was the return of Friday the 13th, as I only got to play one match as Jason, and the rest as the survivors / cam...