Monday, September 30, 2019

9/30/2019 Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2 Moments

First night of Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2 is in the books, and was playing at a pretty brisk place as the game indicates I'm about 43% through the story. I went anti-reg with it this playthrough, which means a second playthrough would be pro-reg. Anyway we'll be back at it tomorrow at 7 PM over at

9/29/2019 Overwatch Moments

Another Sunday Night of Overwatch with some Ranked and Quick Play matches throughout the night, did lose some SR on Support and Tank, and once again I couldn't get quied up as a damage type. Ah well. Tomorrow night I'll begin Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2, see ya then over at at 7 PM EST

10/18/2019 Friday the 13th

For Friday Night Frights it was the return of Friday the 13th, as I only got to play one match as Jason, and the rest as the survivors / cam...