Monday, September 30, 2019

9/30/2019 Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2 Moments

First night of Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2 is in the books, and was playing at a pretty brisk place as the game indicates I'm about 43% through the story. I went anti-reg with it this playthrough, which means a second playthrough would be pro-reg. Anyway we'll be back at it tomorrow at 7 PM over at

9/29/2019 Overwatch Moments

Another Sunday Night of Overwatch with some Ranked and Quick Play matches throughout the night, did lose some SR on Support and Tank, and once again I couldn't get quied up as a damage type. Ah well. Tomorrow night I'll begin Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2, see ya then over at at 7 PM EST

Saturday, September 28, 2019

9/27/2019 Jurassic Park: The Game Failure Moments :D

Since I had no real plans for Friday's stream I ended up doing a 2019 run of Jurassic Park: The Game from TellTale Games, and this vid has some of my favorite failures that happened during the stream.

Thursday, September 26, 2019

9/26/2019 Star Trek Online

With the passing of Aron Eisenberg (who played Nog on Deep Space Nine), I created a Ferengi character for this week Star Trek Online run, and we'll continue to use him in the coming weeks and months, primarily for my own curiosity regarding differences in dialog depending on what species a Captain is.

9/25/2019 - Death Road To Canada

This game is very similar in concept to another game I've played called Organ Trail, zombie apocalypse and needing to get from one place to another, Death Road to Canada is really charming, with 'cameos' / 'parodies' of characters from other franchises such as Elvis (called Alvis), Link and Octodad. Did nearly make it to Canada, only to die right on the border. Overall it's a fun game to fill the back end of a stream, but does not have the legs for a four hour stream.

Tuesday, September 24, 2019

9/24/2019 Star Trek Clips

Well, I can see why people gave this game mixed reviews as I finished Star Trek tonight, roughly took me 8 hours between yesterday and today. That said I enjoyed it, although the Spock AI left a lot to be desired. Did have my fair share of deaths, but it was fairly obvious on what I was doing wrong. Not sure what the next major game will be, but of course I'll be streaming tomorrow at 7 PM EST over at

9/23/2019 Star Trek Clips

Tonight I finally got around to playing Star Trek, released in 2013 from Bandai Namco as a tie-in to the 2009 JJ-Trek films and timeline. Right off the bat it's clear this game is obviously more fun with two-players. Too bad, no one I know has the game on Steam and you can't buy the game anymore either. Still, it's very straight forward with various puzzles. The voice acting is really top notch, and actually getting to control the Enterprise and a photo torpedo was quite fun. Voice acting was top notch as it uses all of the 2009 Star Trek Film main cast. Looking forward to resuming tommorow night at 7 PM over at 

Saturday, September 21, 2019

9/20/2019 A Night Of Ultimate Marvel Vs Capcom 3

This was an interesting stream as I streamed Ultimate Marvel Vs Capcom 3, and we had issues with a troll in the later stages of it. Now lets be clear there's a special place north of Ann Arbor for Trolls, but thankfully my mods were on point. Tomorrow night I'll be streaming Twitch Sings over at

Thursday, September 19, 2019

9/19/2019 Star Trek Online Clips

Tonight's stream ran longer than usual for a Thursday, but the action was all about Star Trek Online, as I loaded up my first Discovery toon to do some 'patrol' story missions to get those out of the way... and then switched over to my main for some Task Force Ops.

The Real Highlight was getting into Gravity Kills, and realizing... my main toon has Repulsor Beams... there's a black hole... why not try pushing the Dreadnought into the Black Hole... that moment is in the video below.

Tomorrow night: Ultimate Marvel Vs Capcom 3 at 7 PM EST over a

9/18/2019 - Assassin's Creed & Street Fighter Clips

11/11/2019 Grandia

When it was announced that Steam will be get the HD Remaster of Grandia I was excited since it's been a long time since I first played i...