Wednesday, November 7, 2018

Opinion: The 2018 Mid-Term Elections

For those who may, or may not know, I probably have my finger on the pulse of what people in numerous states were feeling about various candidates who were running for the US Senate, the House of Representatives and other offices. How would I you might be asking,  I've interviewed countless people across the country, asking whatever questions who commissioned the research to be done wanted, and while a lot of those questions were incredibly biased for and against various individuals, I found myself more interested in the reactions of the people that I was interviewing. And let me tell you, there was a major difference in between what the people, the average Joe's and Jane's of America, opinion's are and what is presented on Fox News, CNN, MSNBC and the other supposed major news networks were stating. Yes, you read that correctly, regardless of what the extremely right-leaning Fox News, and the heavily left leaving CNN & MSNBC were spoon feeding their audiences... the people's opinions were greatly different.

So let's take for example what happened in North Dakota in the race between Heidi Heitkamp and Kevin Cramer. In the build up to Election Day, the general perception of the major media was that Heitkamp was going to retain her seat in the Senate, because for the most part, she was favored among the people of the state. It was felt she was going what was best for the state she represented. But the Brett Kavanugh situation rolled around, and she went against the wishes of North Dakota who were favorable towards him regardless of the allegations that were being presented and voted No against confirming him to firm up her standing among her political party, but that turned many of people who voted for her, against her. So while CNN was saying it was a move that made sense on October 4, it ended up being the reason Heitkamp got voted out... and talking to people in that state, it ended up not being shocking at all.

Now, how about in my own state of New Jersey... Bob Hugin appeared to be lined up to take the Senate seat from Bob Menendez, whose been the center of quite a few shit storms of controversy in recent times . But the Menendez was voted back to the Senate in rather handed fashion. Why did this happen? Well talking to the people here in New Jersey, one of the biggest concerns with Hugin was the fact that he is a major executive of a pharmaceutical company, the fact that the opioid epidemic is still a concern among voters.... and the fact the FDA just approved a new Super Opioid two days ago, leading to whatever chance Hugin had went up in smoke. He already had two strikes against him with what the people were concerned about. Now you could say New Jersey is a 'Blue State' and Hugin had no chance to start with, but lets remember Bob Menendez was actually investigated by the Barack Obama administration and was only let off the hook by the Trump administration... which says two things, one being Obama and his associates knew Menendez was dirty and two being it's obvious Menendez is in Trump's pocket.

But what about something that did make national headlines.... the Governor's face down in Florida with Ron DeSantis and Andrew Gillum. Everyone was so sure Gillum was going to win in a landslide. Despite his extreme leanings, a lot of folks through out Florida were favorable towards Gillum, the general reaction I got was that the people considered him to be someone who was cool, calm and collected in spite of anything DeSantis said. Then Gillum made a series of last minute blunders leading into Tuesday that are so cringe worthy one has to just shake their head at, but the biggest of which was really following down the DeSantis rabbit hole of 'us versus them'. Instead of being the guy he presented himself as being which was someone who wasn't going to deal with the trumped up bullshit (no pun intended) which was something the people of Florida liked about him, Gillum got down with the flea infested dog that was his opponent... an when you do that you end up with fleas, and in this case, Gillum lost.

And just one more, the Governor Race in Illinois, exactly what lead to Bruce Rauner getting down right thrashed by JB Pritzker... Let's start with  Chicago. Now in 2014 when Rauner defeated Pat Quinn, he didn't take Chicago... but over the years, and in particular the last several months, the problems in Chicago which is a extreme left strong hold to begin with, have gotten worse over time and has spread to surrounding areas.The other issue with Rauner was his refusal to pass a state budget which drove the debt of Illinois through the roof and let to the state's comptroller Susanan Mendoza basically have to force the issue to get things done, which lead to Rauner claiming 'he was never in charge'... and that really turned off a lot of people across the state that voted for him four years ago.

Of course this is just my take on some of the races.

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