Friday, March 30, 2018

The Devil Lady: Flames

It’s March 30, 2018 and to wrap the third month of the year I’m going over episode 10 of The Devil Lady, which is titled Flames and first aired December 13, 1998.

Up to this point in the series, the beasts that Jun has been dealing with have all been adults, whose transformations are driven by their base desires, for example the peeping-tom perv who because an eye monster, the supermodel who shadowed Jun’s every moment basically became a cat monster, or Jun’s friend who was a swimmer becoming a shark type monster.

But in this episode, that is not the case… in fact this episode is very tragic.

The story is an apartment complex was basically turned into an inferno with many casualties, and one of the few survivors found after the blaze was put out, is a 4 year old girl. She has burns over 70% of her body and there is no way she could’ve survived the fire unless she was a beast… and this is proven because the HA’s science division has been working on ways to determine who has the beast gene in case it was an infection. Now in this episode, we get the kid’s backstory… she was told by an old dude who was tending a fire that captivated her that ‘everyone has a fire inside of them’… and in the case of the kid, she could pretty much create fire… and sadly she roasted her mother and her home. Now Asuka is put in a tough spot because Jun doesn’t think a kid should be killed beast or not, plus Asuka’s own superiors want to monitor the kid to see what else they could learn… which leads to her setting the facility she’s in on fire… and after roasting some fire fighters, Jun has to go in. Now during the big confrontation, we see Jun in both human and Devil lady form try to reach out to the kid, but it isn’t until when the kid lighting Jun on fire and being reminded of her mother that the kid cries out for her mom, hugs Jun and basically disintegrates… sending Jun into tears.

Of course there is a B-plot, with Kazumi getting a tape from the private investigator of the incident with the sports caster plus her being increasingly disturbed by Jun’s disappearing act … but since Kazumi sucks as a character, it’s not really interesting.

Beginning to end, the main plot is very well done, bringing up some moral issues about Asuka and the HA’s goals about dealing with the beasts and showing it’s not just adults, but kids who could be a huge danger themselves. Normally I would go into what I thought of the Beast design… but considering the plot, it’s not totally relevant.

Now coming up, Monday I’ll begin my look at Doctor Who: The Power of the Daleks, the first Doctor Who story to feature Patrick Troughton as the Doctor… and next Friday I’ll be reviewing episode 11 of The Devil Lady

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Thirsty Thursday with Star Trek Online and Angry Birds Star Wars

So huge news with Star Trek Online, the next content expansion comes out in June with Victory is Life... and they are bringing in the actors who played Quark, Kira and Odo from Deep Space Nine to reprise their roles which is FUCKING AWESOME!

Now on tonight's stream things did open up with Star Trek Online with mayhem on Kobali prime and then it was off to Star Wars: Angry Birds... yes you read that right, and I think the best thing in it was a line about 'Join the Pork Side' which just made me chuckle.

Anyway here are clips for the night

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10/18/2019 Friday the 13th

For Friday Night Frights it was the return of Friday the 13th, as I only got to play one match as Jason, and the rest as the survivors / cam...