Thursday, March 22, 2018

Snowed In On A Wednesday

So after another snow storm tearing through South Jersey I started my broadcast a lot earlier than normal... and yes I finally played Dead Space, playing Chapters 1 and 2... and yeah this game is certainly not one I would want to play multiple times a week because it's just too intense for me even on easy mode... I only died once but still. Regardless I will give it a solid try and apply the same rules I had with Final Fantasy VII... I will play it to where my lack of gaming skills prevents me from going any further.

After that it was off to Smite and Paladins, where there was mixed results as per the norm when playing with PUGs... then Street Figher X Tekken where I completed the Poison / Hugo campaign and then went head to head for a few rounds with fellow Dare to Stream member Iron_Werewolf who was kind enough not to totally murk me... then wrapped things up going through Relius Clover's arcade campaign and I think I understand his motives a bit to basically destroy the Master Unit and create his own world of chaos. At least that's the gist of what I understand.

Anyway where are tonight's highlights

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