Saturday, March 17, 2018

Borderlands 2 Finished Plus Overwatch Fun!

Ah on my March 16, 2018 twitch broadcast I finished up the main story of Borderlands 2... defeating Handsom Jack and the Warrior... with a lot of help from Mitenscirca who saw the trouble I was having in the march towards Jack in the final stages of the game, and she arrived kicked ass took names... and then we went on to do the 'You're Going To Die (Seriously)' mission... which was a problem cause it scaled to her level of 52... and I was level 33... but thankfully Pandasweet arrived to help us knock that out.

Afterward, we switched over to Overwatch, and along with Panda, I was joined by Oldish and BlueElection for a wild batch Quick Matches that saw me get a couple plays of the game, Oldish and Blue both got some POTGs as well. Anyway Highlights are down below! Enjoy!

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