Friday, March 16, 2018

The Devil Lady: Enemy

It’s Friday March 16, 2018… and you talk about your psalms, talk about your John 3:16… well Freddy 3:16 says it’s time to review another episode of The Devil Lady with episode 8, ‘Enemy’ which first aired November 29, 1998.

The episode opens with part of a video being show, showing a guy wanting to reveal the beast transformation to the world and we learn that it was sent to all the news stations, but the HA managed to keep things quite, but want to investigate things thoroughly to find out who it was that sent the tape that could lead to humans wondering if they have the beast-dna code, maybe seek out others of their kind, form support groups and probably cause the end of civilization as we know it.

Now with Jun in this episode…. She wonders why does she have to wake Kazumi up for her first day back to school, after all Kazumi forced herself into living with Jun… and while trying to get her hair done, she gets called in, sees the tape and meets Dr. Jason Bates who has been working on the beast research at Samuelson laps. He has come to Japan to witness Jun in action, and expresses some interesting theories that humanity must evolve but doesn’t think it should lose their humanity… that sounds totally redundant but you try coming up with another word for it.

Anyway, the beast of the week is discovered to be a sports broadcaster who wants to broadcast his transformation live on the air, thankfully the news station manager puts the kibosh on that. The beast itself is has two tyrannosaurus like heads and a similar tail, plus a human face on it’s torso. It’s big and powerful and through the magic of plot convenience manages to trap Jun underneath a lighting rig that somehow she can’t lift off of herself.

The reason for this is so that Dr. Bates can save the day, revealing himself to be a Devil Man like Jun, he has his humanity and can throw down with beasts just like her… makes me wonder as to why if the HA has Dr. Bates on the payroll why did they really need Jun? I bet it has to do with the giga-effect, because it’s pointed out in the episode as part of Dr. Bates’s reason to coming since it transforms beasts in Godzilla like monsters. Now the fact that he saves Jun is consider to be disappointing and Asuka chews Jun out over not handling the sportscaster beast.

Overall: I think this was an interesting episode in introducing the Jason Bates character as it focuses on the issue of Jun being caught between fighting for humanity while being a Devil Lady, though I didn’t like how Jun had to look weak to show that Bates was stronger than her, considering I’ve seen how Jun can take a pounding. The issue of Jun ‘failing’ and disappointing Asuka is straight out of left field, as Jun just had a rough time with a beast in the previous episode, so Asuka should no that Jun isn’t flawless but gets the job done.

Anyway that will do it for this week’s review, next week I’ll go over episode 9, and on Monday (thanks to a screw up on my part) I’ll be reviewing part 4 of Doctor Who: The Smugglers.

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Thursday Night Trek and Overwatch, WWE Does The Right Thing

On tonight's twitch broadcast, I lead off with Star Trek Online with a couple of big missions with my 'Admiral Casden' character to wrap up 2409 and to begin 2410 with Mindscape. Then I broke out Zagreus to do some STFs for a bit... and yeah the long queue times sour me... which lead me to switch over to Overwatch for a lot of fun with D.Va in Mayhem, including a Play Of The Game.

Highlights of course will be below

So with all the righteous outrage over the WWE Honoring The Not So Fabulous Moolah, the WWE did the right thing and renamed the battle royal... sure it was because Snickers got involved in saying 'hey we don't want our brand associated with that particular woman considering her Trump Like Behavior, and as a wrestling fan I'm happy the right thing was done.

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