Thursday, March 8, 2018

Thoughts on this week's Flash, plus Borderlands 2, BlazBlue & Paladins!

So this week's episode with The Flash...  what a mess... with Flash once again being a dick to his teammates namely Cisco at the start over his obsession with Devoe and wanting to just toss a bomb into the Speed Force... which he would've done if it wasn't for Jay Garrick... the only saving grace for this episode was Wells and Jesse Quick father daughter moment towards the end of the episode.

On my twitch broadcast tonight, the night started off with Borderlsands 2 as I basically tackled everything there is to do in the town of Lynchwood including taking out both the Sheriff and the Deputy... and also helped a Skag recover and get a new home.

Then it was off to BlazBlue Central Fiction as I knocked out the Arcade Campaign for Celica A. Mercury... who is the sister of Nine The Phantom... well that was unexpected...

And last but not least, it was back to the realm for some Paladins, nothing major but the update or as I like to call it 'regression' back pre cards unbound is just idiotic after nearly three months of work in getting characters properly equipped to handle anything.

Anyway here are tonight's highlights... and tomorrow night I'll be playing Star Trek Online

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