Tuesday, March 6, 2018

Too Much Whining On Arrowm Darhk vs Darhk, Zombies, Stax vs Motown Life Is Strange

Ah another Monday....

Got around to watching this past week's episode of Arrow and good lord this Canary/Wild Dog/Terrific vs Arrow/Diggle/Felicity feud gets more and more stupid with each passing week as there was no chance in hell Dinah was going to kill Laurel-2 who is on a clear redemption story ark that will probably peak at the end of the season with her doing something heroic. The only thing of interest was the end in that it's quite clear there are city officials plotting against Oliver.

Tonight's episode of Legends of Tomorrow was rather awesome with the Darhk family drama and Damian giving a great line of 'I'm going to kick my ass' when Nora gets captured by his younger self. Rather like how he is trying to be a father and talking to others to try and figure out what is best for child.Plus there was some great banter between the Darhks and Ray.

On tonight's iZombie, more great comedy with Liv eating the brain of a woman who is so unbearable that one of her servants killed her, with some real 'Driving Miss Daisy' moments.. I am wondering just how 'sustainable' Seattle as Zombie Central is going to be, cause I'm getting the feeling it can't really last beyond this season. Also I could've done without the BLM parallel that was featured in this episode when Major and his rookies were on patrol

Hillbilly Jim going into the WWE Hall of Fame is long over due, what took the WWE so fucking long? He was the one wrestler from the 1980s the WWE took cared of, was a long time employee and was over as all hell.

After getting a best of The Funk Brothers album for my collection and I find myself wondering who had the better session musicians, Detroit's Motown or Memphis' Stax Records... I am kind of a biased in this regard because I was exposed to the Stax sound first thanks to the Blues Brothers film.It is an interesting debate when you look at huge library of music that came out of both cities back in the 60s and 70s. 

A day earlier than expected the bonus episode for Life is Strange: Before the Storm titled Farwell was released, so I made sure to play that on tonight's twitch broadcast. It is amazing that when one considers both Life Is Strange games and the release order of events, we've basically been seeing everything in reverse. Also knocked out Litchi's arcade campaign in BlazBlue Central Fiction and oh yeah.... tested our Star Wars Battlefront II 2017... and yes I sucked at it... anyway highlights below!

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