Monday, March 5, 2018

Doctor Who The Smugglers Part 1

It’s Monday March 5, 2018 and following a week where I thought I had the reconstruction of Doctor Who The Smugglers in my collection, getting a new PC and setting it up, trips to the Doctor… I finally get to do a Doctor Who review without missing an episode.

Special thanks to Moat9 who hooked me with up The Loose Cannon Reconstruction of The Smugglers story, and so I officially kick of season 4 of Classic Doctor Who with part 1 of said story, which was viewed back on September 10, 1966 by 4.3 Million viewers… which was down 1.2 Million from the season 3 closer part 4 of The War Machines.

The episode opens with The Doctor seemingly angry but surprised that Ben and Polly have entered the TARDIS and he explains what it is and they are traveling through time and space, but he doesn’t know to their destination, Ben doesn’t believe any of this but Polly goes with the flow a bit and is convinced fully once they land in a cave on a beach. Ben doubt everything and just wants to gets back to the navy barracks and assumes they are still in the 1960s when he sees a church, but since a lot of old churches in the UK were built ages ago, he eventually comes around on the fact he’s not when he thinks he was.

The Doctor, Polly and Ben go to the Church where the churchwarden thinks Polly is a boy because of how she’s dressed and sends them off to the inn but not before telling the Doctor an odd phrase ‘This is Deadman’s secret Key, Ringwood, Smallbeer, Gurney’ Once our heroes leave, the churchwarden is accosted by a sailor who he was associated with in his past, the sailor wants info but the churchwarden doesn’t give it, and ends up dead. When this is discovered, the blame is place on the Doctor, Ben and Polly since they are strangers in the area.

The sailor and some buddies track The Doctor to the local inn and kidnap him since has the information they need, and Ben gets knocked out in the struggle. The local Squire comes to investigate but since Ben and Polly can’t really tell him the truth they are arrested for the murder of the churchwarden while The Doctor is taken to a ship and brought before Captain Pike who declares the Doctor will tell him the info he wants.

Now this is a solid opener to a story that spends the first third of the episode getting Ben and Polly fully integrated as being part of the TARDIS crew, with Ben kind of taking on some of Ian’s early doubting-Thomas traits of not believing what’s in front of him. There is mentioned in the episode of a Captain Avery, making me think this episode was given a prequel in the Matt Smith era of Doctor Who. The reconstruction did have some clips from the episode and unlike some other reconstructions I’ve seen, there wasn’t much in the way of clear photo editing as every shot seen seem to be from the episode and was very consistent.

The climax of the episode is great in that it means Ben and Polly will have to fend for themselves in an era they know nothing about while the Doctor has to deal with Captain Pike, which makes me excited to go over part 2 of the Smugglers next Monday.

And on that lack of a bombshell, coming up in the Basement on Friday I’ll be going over episode seven of the anime series The Devil Lady, and of course you can find me over on twitch seven nights a week playing a variety of Video Games.

Till next time have a good one!

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Sunday Night: From Smite To The Ring

Sunday Night March 4, 2018 was supposed to be all about Smite which it was for a good while with a lot of fun with fellow Dare to Stream members Crazykiller1320, Cammi_316, CmdrDean and Mitenscirca joining in to wreck some fools in the arena. It always super fun to team up with my Dare To Stream buddies in Smite and other games.

Afterward it was off to Them's Fightin Herds cause the subject of My Little Pony popped up and considering that game's history it seemed perfect. Following that it was off to Overwatch for a bit, not a good night there but I did get a Top Play (YAY!) and finally tested streaming WWE 2K17, had some success early with wins as Becky Lynch and Ivory, then upped the difficulty for myself and was getting my butt hammered as if I was Jenna Haze working with Sean Michaels.

Still here are tonight's highlights

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