Sunday, March 4, 2018

Saturday Calamity: All Over The Place!

Wow what an awesome Saturday night... my broadcast went 8 1/2 hours long and I was all over the map, the night started with Player Unknown's Battleground... and man does that game suck playing alone... so after a while I switched it up... then went back to it and had fellow Dare to Stream members LadyOcean32 and CmdrDean join me and we we had a lot of fun in several matches.

But of course I was bouncing all over the map, I did some Paladins and some Smite getting a couple of wins in each... also did Platinum The Trinity's Arcade Campaign in BlazBlue Central Fiction, rather sad that her story revolves around her possibly getting killed off if the story mode... still got many more characters to complete before I tackle it, but I'm wondering how her story ends.

The night finished with Street Fighter X Tekken as I did Zangief & Rufus's campaign.. and there is no world where Zangief should have a sleek metro look that was just... wrong.

Anyway on Sunday night, I'll be playing Smite on the PC, so be sure to join me!

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