Saturday, March 3, 2018

Northeastern Friday: Borderlands 2, Overwatch & Smite Troubles

So yesterday... a Northeastern tore through the Delaware Valley... I lost an umbrella on my way to work... and to top it all off their was snow. It was totally wild... and I'm sure some idiots are going to blame one political party for it... but last I checked this type of weather has occurred long before the industrial age so... yeah I just deal with it.

Anyway on last night's twitch broadcast, I started off with Borderlands 2, heading out to deal with Brick's Slab minion and then over to the city of Opportunity which resulted in Maya now sounding like Handsome Jack weird... and then it was off to Overwatch where I had some wins some losses and on hell of a top play.

Then I went to play some Smite but had some weird connection troubles with it.. which I think was on Hi-Rez's end, based on the fact my connection was fine all night.

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