Wednesday, February 28, 2018

The Flash disappoints, Smite Lag, Fighting Herds and Street Fighting Tekken

This week's episode of The Flash was such a disappointment as The Fiddler character of Izzy was killed off quickly to advance the Devoe plot and pretty much served as a reminder at how much of a fucking selfish prick Barry Allan really is. Happy Go Lucky Barry is such a tool... the only good thing about this episode was Ralph and Izzy, as there was clearly something there that was quite enjoyable.

Tonight's Twitch broadcast was supposed to feature Disney's Chicken Little but I couldn't get OBS to catch the game, so I decided to play Smite, but that proved to be problematic with constant lag... and the game being just unplayable. So I debuted Them's Fighting Herds the Mane 6 game that was supposed to originally be a My Little Pony brawler until Hasbro said no... and it's pretty cool, even if the fighting mechanics are just weird... and finally loaded up Street Fighter X Tekken to go through the arcade campaign with Steve Fox and Hwoarang... and I barely managed to beat the game, as Fox is a boxer with no kicking which takes out half of my play style

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