Friday, February 23, 2018

The Devil Lady: Shark

It’s the end of the week, and we enter the weekend talking a little Anime. This week’s subject is Go Nagi’s The Devil Lady episode 5, titled ‘Shark’ which first aired November 8, 1998

This episode explores more of Jun’s past, with a former friend Aoi Kurosaki being the beast of the week… both went to high school together, and Aoi was a star swimmer who could’ve gone pro, but a hip injury prevented that. Said hip injury was accidentally caused by Jun when after giving the future Devil Lady CPR when Jun fainted (as discussed last week in episode 4 Jun fainted a lot while younger), Aoi forced a kiss on her, Jun pushed back, causing Aoi to stumble and crash against a locker room bench. Still, despite that, Aoi is real happy to see Jun when she shows up at the community swimming center she now runs.

Of course, this meeting is all because Asuka wants Jun to see where Aoi stands… and it isn’t until after hours where Aoi and Jun have it out, with Aoi still having the hots for Jun and wishing that she would look at her the way she does on all the magazine covers. Aoi transforms into a shark based beast (hence the name of the episode) and since she’s a swimmer, it makes sense, she swims fast, has big teeth and a killer tail that looked like it had its own mouth, plus tentacles as well. On top of that Aoi is human upper body (with more demonic features) is seen on top, so it’s a pretty gnarly thing to look at.

Now despite this and remembering the past, Jun does make fairly short work of her former friend, in fact exactly how Jun kills Aoi is not shown as it cuts to Asuka telling her men to turn on some lights so that they could see the conflict, and we just see the aftermath of the shark beasts body crumbled in a corner with Jun standing arm raised while holding what I think was a mini-version of Aoi.

There is another plot in this episode with Kazumi who comes across like the house guest who just won’t leave. Remember: she forced herself onto Jun allowing her to stay in the previous episode, and in this one she complains about Jun having no food in the house and wants to get a double-sized bed for them to sleep together… which throws Jun for a loop. Thankfully, Jun goes shopping for a bed and gets bunk-beds, and Kazumi’s disappointment is clearly meant to be light bit of comedy, but it just makes her character come across like actor Terry Crews… you know, rather pathetic. Hell if it wasn’t for Jun telling Asuka that she likes having Kazumi around cause she makes her feel normal I get the feeling that Jun would tell Kazumi to hit the bricks and be totally justified for it!

Overall the main story was solid and probably could’ve done without the stuff with Kazumi, but since she’s there to Jun a sense of normalcy, it will just have to be tolerated I guess.

Anyway, next week I’ll go over episode six and on Monday, I begin the four season of Classic Doctor Who Reviews

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