Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Don Mattingly Bryce Harper, Doctor Who's New Logo, Terry Crews plus tonight's Highlights

So as Spring Training is in it's early stages, the overrated Clown Show that is Bryce Harper decided to talk trash about the Miami Marlins off-season moves that saw the team ship out various players, basically having the nerve to question what a team he doesn't even play for (or has the intention of playing for either), and so when Don Mattingly responded saying that Harper doesn't have the right to comment on what the Marlins did and what their plans on, I smiled. Don't get me wrong, I'm not a Marlins fan, but being a Phillies fan, I can respect what the Marlins are doing, they are looking to rebuild their team from the ground up and that involves getting rid of everything that wasn't working out in the most recent seasons. Sure the Marlins are probably going to stick up the joint for the next few years, but it's a necessary evil The Marlins have a plan... and knowing how the Baseball gods tend to crap on players like Harper, I'm thinking their will be a World Championship parade in Miami long before one involving The Nationals and any other team Harper ends up playing for in his career.

So I saw the new Doctor Who logo... and yeah you won't be seeing me adopt that symbol of modern fascist propaganda for the my weekly review of classic Doctor Who. I get it, those that oversee programming for the BBC are warped like Stalin and as deranged like Castro, but to actually put it in the logo for Doctor Who just to say 'we're with it all the right' is on a pile of crap so high that it justifies the gif you see to your right:

And speaking of piles of a Jurassic Sized Nature... Actor Terry Crews says that the WWE stole the last named Crews for the character Apollo Crews... and he tries to negotiate with them for the rights to use the last name. And here I was just thinking Terry Crews just played characters that were more touched in the head than my father is when things don't go his way. Seriously, though there is a list on Wikipedia of notably people who were around before the him. Of course he's acting as if he 'he made the name relevant', which further proves that people in Hollywood are fucking insane.

Anyway tonight's game was Young Justice Legacy, and outside of two mistakes, I had a pretty decent run getting through Greece and Siberia.

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