Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Zari Shines on Legends, Jeff Jarrett in the Hall of Fame and Twitch Highlights

On this week's episode of Legends of Tomorrow, they did the obligatory 'Groundhog Day' episode that all sci-fi / fantasy shows do at one point or another, but this was a great time to give the character of Zari time to shine and properly bond with the rest of the legends. Up till now she's basically just been a filler character who got a moment here or there, but to get an entire episode to evolve her was a nice touch... although with Legends being a 13 episode long series, not sure if it was wise. Oh and we get Wally West joining the show.

The WWE announced that Jeff Jarrett is the latest member of the WWE Hall of Fame... and as I broke down way back in 2016 in my Yay or Nay For The Hall of Fame series (which you can see here) he had a Hall of Fame worthy career, so I'm happy to see that I was right and the WWE finally confirmed it.

Now of course here are this week's highlights from my twitch broadcast which featured me finishing of level 7 of Final Exam, making it to Shang Tsung in Mortal Kombat 2 and starting the horse of a game BlazBlue Central Fiction which has way to damn many arcade endings... but completed Es and Nu-13's arcade modes completely.

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