Thursday, February 15, 2018

Wacky Wednesday of Borderlands 2 and BlazBlue

Thankfully not much in terms of headlines caught my attention today, as I was busy with other issues such as trying to figure out how am I going to do some work hat is not necessarily a good idea with how I have to do it but it would mean some extra income, so man it's a tough call to make

Anyway, on tonight's broadcast I did spend several hours playing Borderlands 2, primarily knocking out some side missions, like finding a woman living with the rats and helping the town of Overlook.... thank goodness i did have some Corrosive weapons to deal with a number of loader bots... see I do pay attention!.

Then for the final hour of my broadcast, I loaded up BlazBlue Chonro Phantasma Extend, completing the arcade mode for Platinum The Trinity. The storyline battle of Platinum versus Noel was funny since it did play into the running gag of Noel getting pissed because she is 'lacking' in the chest department!

Here are tonight's highlights and of course important links!

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