Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Arrow, Streets of Rage 2 & Street Fighter X Tekken

Got around to watching last week's episode of Arrow 'The Devil's Greatest Trick' and I think it was an okay episode that wrapped up the stuff with Cayden James, not sure if I like that he was basically just a pawn in a greater plot... and I'm really not liking the Dinah being a bitch turn, as she is just coming across badly in every aspect. It really seems like her character's current ark seems to be just to have tension for the sake of tension.

Anyway over on my twitch channel, I led off the night with Streets of Rage 2, again making it to stage 8, but because I have trouble with the Boxer and Flying bosses I couldn't quite get the job done. I have to look up how to beat those two types of enemies as they just eat up too many lives and costs me in the long run.

Of course the big news from tonight's broadcast is that I was able to stream Street Fighter X Tekken, and got myself refamilar with the controls while going through arcade mode with Cammy & Chun Li, Guile & Able and finally Julia & Bob, while capping off the night with the Texas Tornado all four characters on the screen versus mod with Ryu & Ken versus Ogre and Akuma in a character match.

Highlights from tonight's broadcast can be found below plus the usual links!

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