Thursday, February 8, 2018

The Devil Lady: Wings

On this week’s Talking Anime segment, I will be going over episode three of The Devil Lady, titled Wings which first aired October 25, 1998. And I have to say I love the simple one word titles of this series.

The episode opens with Kazumi working during a photoshoot and when there is a break she spots Jun, who storms off when Kazumi calls out to her. Later when Kazumi calls her, offering to be the friendly ear that Jun has always been to her, Jun basically tells her to bug off… and gets lured to a bar by a random dude for a meeting with Asuka, who basically repeats herself about Jun being a beast and she best remember its better to be the hunter than the hunted. After leaving, Jun encounters a rather creepy kid who is one of the Devil Beasts, who tells her that they are going to target Kazumi and implies that Jun ‘longs for her’… leading to Jun doing everything possible to reach Kazumi’s house, arriving just after Kazumi’s parents are killed. Pissed beyond all reason,

Jun lets out her beast, transforming instantly, no hesitation what so ever and does battle with a giant rat which stood little chance, Jun just beats the crap out of it in short order killing it easily with Kazumi’s house being destroyed in the process. Another beast appears, looking like dragon with bird wings and feet that says Jun is going to pay for her deeds since she’s the reason Kazumi and her family are dead, clutches Jun’s head lifts her up with the intent to drop her to her death… only Jun sprouts wings flies up and rips off the 2nd beast’s wings sending it crashing down onto some electrical power poles before the episode ends with Jun seeing Kazumi’s apparently dead body on the ground.

This episode… kicks all sorts of ass, while not much is advanced in terms of character development, the fact Jun cares so deeply for Kazumi to be made an easy target for the other beasts speaks volumes, not to mention just how wicked Jun got when she got to Kazumi’s house. I mean think about it, in episodes 1 and 2, Jun basically was in mortal danger before she transformed but here, she powered up without a second thought. The beat down on the rat was awesome, with Jun sending it up to the ceiling of Kazumi’s living room and punching it repeatedly and with enough force to bring the entire building down, not to mention the double-sledge shots it its skull where the impact of her caving’s its head in was shown… so the big takeaway I have from this episode is…. don’t fuck with Jun’s friends, she will find you and she will kill you.

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Black Panther 100% on Rotten Tomatoes Plus Borderlands 2 Highlights

So a big thing that got my attention on Wednesday is the news that Marvel's Black Panther got a 100% certified fresh rating on Rotten Tomatoes... and I can't help but look at that sideways. Let me tell ya why... first the current mindset here in the United States combined and second the fallout of all those critics who did not give Ghostbusters 2016 positive reviews being called sexist and misogynistic, which leads me to think critics were pressured into giving positive reviews to avoid being called racist. Hell those persons who didn't like Luke Cage on Netflix or the current Black Lighting series on the CW are being labeled as such (just go on reddit and you'll see this for yourself). Of course the fact I'm questioning on if the 100% is truth or just telling people what they want to hear is because of all those idiots known as Democrats and Republicans, those fuckwads have basically made it impossible to determine if one should trust movie critics or not.

Anyway here are highlights from tonight's broadcast of Borderlands 2:

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11/17/2019 Overwatch Highlights

Had a fun stream of Overwatch, with the amazing Pandasweet tagging in for some team-up goodness, the goal to get the new Mercy skin was acco...