Thursday, February 1, 2018

The Devil Lady Episode 2: Blood

On this week’s Talking Anime segment, I will be going over The Devil Lady episode 2: Blood, which first aired on October 18, 1998

Episode 2 opens with Jun in her mega-Devil Lady form battling the Wolf-beast and beheading it after a gigantic struggle, Asuka wonders about how they are going to keep the press out of reporting that two Godzilla-sized monsters were slugging it out on the docks which I find hilarious cause it seems like a total ‘after thought’. The next day Jun wakes up at home, hoping it was all a dream until she sees her torn blood soaked clothes, and it appears she considers suicide until she gets a call from her agent for a modeling gig. She is late to arrive and meets a fan before doing the gig, and we sees the first instances of her more Devilish half seeping through with how she looks at the camera and later traumatizes the fan by forcing a kiss on him, if he wasn’t so nervous I wonder how Jun would’ve continued things. After returning home, she has dinner was Kazumi who talks about issues at home with her father, but that is interrupted by Asuka who takes Jun to a bar to battle another beast, a beetle like creature which Jun easily dispatches once she ‘lets the beast out’. The beast in its dying breath says that Jun will die 100 deaths when the rest of those who has evolved come for her as the episode ends.

This episode is fairly well paced, giving viewers the second half of the Wolf-beast fight as well as early insights as to how Jun’s Devil half can influence her behavior such as kissing the fan at the modeling shoot and smacking Kazumi’s hand away from some pictures Asuka brought to interrupt their dinner. We get some info on Kazumi who is still in High School, got in trouble for breaking curfew and considers Jun to be her big sister, plus we learn a little about Asuka who works for the Human Alliance, an organization designed to use a beast aka Jun to hunt and destroy other beasts to save the world. Another character also gets some key on-screen time is Jun’s agents Yuasa who has some concerns over Jun’s behavior… I don’t know just seems like he’s being set up to be killed early on, but thought I’d mention him anyway.

Anyway, I enjoyed the episode overall and I’m looking forward to going over episode three next week. On Monday I’ll be reviewing part two of Doctor Who: The War Machines and of course there will be nightly highlight reels of my exploits over on twitch. Till next time have a good one!

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Wednesday Night On Pandora

So it was back to Borderlands 2 on Wednesday Night, picking up with the mission A Dam Fine Rescue.... and man was this a grind once the Hyperion Robots landed... I didn't come across any weapons that did corrosive damage at this point, and they are immune to fire... but I think my biggest mistake was that I didn't realize that my shield is so under powered, so next time out I have to get myself a better shield that can do some damage.

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9/22/2019 Sunday Night Overwatch