Tuesday, January 30, 2018

Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Pink

One of the best mini-series I actually got the individual issues for was Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Pink, a story that gives long time fans the answer to 'what happened to Kimberly ' after actress Amy Jo Johnson left the show, because lets face all we got as fans was the character sending a 'Dear John' letter to Tommy and a supporting role in Turbo: A Power Rangers where she was spending time with Jason... Power Rangers Pink fills in the gap and then some.

Set during Season 3 of Power Rangers (The Ninja Era), Power Rangers Pink picks up after Kimberly left to go compete in a global gymnastics competition in France, the people in the town she is in (along with her parents) are turned into creatures as part of a plot devised by not Rita, not Lord Zedd but Goldar who at this point in the show was regulated to barely appearing as a major threat. Contacting Zordon, Kimberly is granted limited use of her old powers to save the day, but the threats mount and she needs help bringing in fellow former (and original) Rangers Zack and Trini before recruiting two locals to not only stop Goldar's plans but to also save the (then) current day Rangers.

Sure I'm leaving a lot of stuff out, but even with that basic summary, old school Power Ranger fans can tell the story is something special before getting into things like what was Kimberly's mindset when it came to sending that Dear John letter to Tommy, Goldar wanting to show up Zedd and Rita and willing to strike a deal with Kimberly when his plans backfire, what happened to Zack and Trini following the peace conference (the reason why their characters were written off the show) and so much more.

Beyond that, the artwork is really good, and what I love is the transparent helmet shots to show Kimberly's expression underneath her helmet at various points in time, which to be honest was something we never got on the show in any era. Kind of surprising when I really think about it. Plus Goldar's Typhonus Zord which is a combination of the destroyed White Tiger and Thunder Mega Zords is just wicked cool looking.

Now for my recommendation, I suggest getting the trade paperback, since you get the story plus all the variant covers for one decent price instead of hunting them down individually. Also even you're not a Power Rangers fan,  I do recommend you check Power Rangers Pink out for just how well written it is.

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