Sunday, January 28, 2018

A Saturday Of Sonic, Metal Slug, Borderlands and NXT Takeover: Philadelphia

On Tonight's Twitch Broadcast it turned into a triple header with Sonic Mania (making it to the boss of Oil Ocean Zone), Metal Slug X (Completed using 60 Lives) and Borderlands 2 (completed Lilith's quests so on Wednesday's broadcast we'll pick up with A Damn Fine Rescue). Of course here are clips of the broadcast.

Tonight the first NXT Takeover event of the year took place, and it's quite clear the signing of every big 'indy' name available has continued to crippled the brand, as outside of Velveteen Dream & The Authors of Pain, everyone was someone the WWE signed who made names for themselves in various indy promotions around the world, giving me proof that the WWE Performance Center is not developing stars. That said, it was another okay show that please the super-marks... then again those who were at the Big Joint (The Wells Fargo Center) are primarily the marks from my home region of the greater Philadelphia area are easy to please thanks to the horrible influence that was ECW 20 years ago. Match of the night was clearly Almas vs Gargano as it was the only match with above average in-ring psychology with a very straight forward story, even though both guys were quite noticeably shorter than the referee and the ring announcers... so you know they will never main event a major WWE PPV. Worst match of the night was Moon vs Baszler, thanks to the cheap finish and Moon's god-awful over selling and fake moans that would make Storm Daniels go 'Girl, tone it done on the climax'.

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