Saturday, January 27, 2018

Friday Night In The Borderlands & Basement News

Here are clips from my January 26, 2018 broadcast of Borderlands 2

And Now The News....

Due to WWE NXT Airing on Saturday Night, Tomorrow's broadcast will start about 10:30 PM EST and be fairly short as I'll be messing around and having fun with Sonic Mania. I've yet to keep a 'save' game no matter how far I get but maybe I will this time and keep trying to advance each time I choose to boot it up.

Sunday Night, due to the WWE Royal Rumble', my broadcast will start at about 11 PM, and again will be fairly short. The game that will be carrying that night will be Fire Pro Wrestling World, and I have found some nice 'created wrestlers' that look like WWE characters (and beyond). This game is such a perfect companion for WWE PPV nights and isn't as hard on my current computer than say the WWE 2K video games.

Monday Night Final Exam returns to the Basement and we'll pick up with level 4, Tuesday Night will be DuckTales, Wednesday Borderlands 2, Thursday Star Trek Online and Next Friday of course, Borderlands 2. Next Saturday will see the return of Jurassic Park from TellTale Games as I want to get some clips of that and also play all five chapters in one night. So Hold on to your butts!

I still haven't gotten around to watching the 2017 Doctor Who Christmas Special, why should I watch it? Considering a lot of the nonsense being spewed by Jodie Whittaker and the BBC this past month, I think I'll stick to the classic Doctor Who stories. Hell I might just move my Doctor Who review series to Saturdays when the next series starts just to leach off the Social Media hype for each episode. Got to think ahead with these things. Of course on Monday I'll start reviewing Doctor Who: The War Machines, the final 4-part story from the original season 3.

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