Friday, January 26, 2018

The Devil Lady: Beast

The Date is January 26, 2018, and this week's Anime Review is The Devil Lady Episode 1: Beast

Episode 1, titled Beast, originally aired October 10, 1998… and we meet our heroine Jun Fudo, a model who feels that something is quite right, she’s not totally focused on her work, though the photographer she’s working with thinks she’s doing great (considering he wants to go out to dinner with her, he’s probably kissing her booty!), Heading home she runs into Kazumi, a young model, and also spots the mystery Lan Asuka, who drops in on Jun at home and takes her to a warehouse, and forcing Jun to face a Werewolf like creature, explaining that Jun has ‘beast blood’ in those who are beasts have desire to hunt and kill their fellow beast.

Terrified, Jun screams for help and suffers some apparent life threatening wounds before something awakens inside of her and she transforms, punches and seemingly kills the Werewolf creature but punching through it’s mouth and tears its arms off. Lan tries to give Jun more details as to what she is, a Devilman, but the creature recovers and grows to tremenous size, saying ‘Jun betrayed her kind’ and sets out trying to kill her, only for Jun to transformer further as the episode ends on a cliffhanger with Jun in her hellish form ready to thrown down with there creature Godzilla style.

This is one hell of an opening episode as we are introduces to three characters, Jun, Kazumi and Lan, who is looking to make Jun into a Beast Hunter, possibly in a whole ‘save the world from great evil’ plot, that’s my assumption but we of course shall see how things develop in the comings months. I think the art with all the dark shading is great, even if it makes getting good screenshots for his review a pain in the ass, and the theme music is quite awesome with it being clearly demonic. Visually, you can tell this is Go Nagi’s work with how similar the characters look to those in New Cutie Honey, even if they are far less cartoony in style. I’m really looking forward to going over episode 2, ‘Blood’ next week.

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Star Trek Online Highlights and Other Thoughts!

Hey everyone, first here are highlights from tonight's broadcast of Star Trek Online.


Today I added two new trade collections to my comic book collection, Spider-Gwen volumes 2 and 3 which gives me issues 9-15 of the series plus the All-New Wolverine annual #1. What I like out Spider-Gwen is that a lot of it reminds me of the Spider-Girl comics from the late 90s early 2000s, so I'm looking forward to sitting down and reading these over the coming weeks. Currently I'm re-reading Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Pink for next week's full on comic book review, and if there is a big advantage to getting the trade collections versus individual issues is that is it so much easier to keep track of minor details.

As many know I am a big fan of Humble Bundle (even if some recent bundles have been less than stellar) but getting free stuff is always cool. So if you hurry over to you can get Amnesia: The Dark Descent and Amnesia: A Machine for Pigs for free. Best to hurry cause you have just one day to get both games for FREE!

Last night I started my play-through of Borderlands 2... and I instantly remember part of a problem I had with the original Borderlands in how the enemies blend in with the background. I get the logic behind it, but I feel like I waste a lot of ammo because of it. But so far, the 'fetch' quests have made some sense. That said, It is a good think I've played Poker against Claptrap enough time to be able to tolerate the 'soothing' sound of his voice

Earlier today, Vince McMahon announced what we all knew... that he's bringing back the XFL... and well... at least he learned something from the 2001 debacle, in that instead of launching the league within 1 year, it's going to be a building process and to actually make it different from the NFL in a number of ways, most notably possibly there being no half-time, which I'm all for. I do have to wonder if venues are going to be a problem. I know that shouldn't be the case, but you do have these tight-fist lease agreements with teams and stadiums that the NFL team owners could try and lock out another team from another league playing there.

Speaking of McMahons, I am not a fan of Stephanie McMahon being on commentary for the Women's Rumble match this Sunday for several reasons, 1) her history on commentary has been awful, 2) it sets up the obvious of her 'entering and winning', and 3) despite the claim that she is a female leader in a male dominated industry, she was basically handed her job because she is 'daddy's little girl' (note: she was made apart of the WWE creative team back in 2000 and since that moment, the trend of the WWE has been a steady spiral downward). In fact, her involvement leads me to believe that the first ever Women's Royal Rumble match this Sunday will end up a fucking mess much like how the first Women's Money in the Bank match did last summer because they just had to include James Ellsworth, a character Stephanie McMahon loved at the expense of the real performers... and don't get me started on Ronda Rousey's possible involvement.

I'm currently looking at various options for my next PC... and I'm conflicted on if I should go with a straight gaming rig, or something more all around, since I game, stream, record and (Barely) edit content on my current PC. Being on a budget makes things very interesting as well as I have to factor in getting the most for my dollar... too bad I have limited retail options in my area with Best Buy and Wal-Mart being the dominate stores that sell multiple types of computers.

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