Wednesday, January 24, 2018

Review of Wolverine & Jubilee: Curse of the Mutants, Batman The Enemy Within and Star Trek Online

Like a fair amount of comic book fans, the first time I became aware of the character of Jubilee was in the 1992 X-Men cartoon series that aired as part of the Fox Kids Saturday Morning line-up, and it was quickly established that she would be Wolverine's side-kick (more or less) on the show... and while I've never kept up fully with how Jubilee evolved in the comics outside of a few random issues here and there. However when I saw there was trade-paperback called 'Wolverine & Jubilee: Curse of the Mutants' I was intrigued, just by the title.

Unfortunately, this was when I was a bit of a lull when it came to comic book reading, and so I wasn't totally up-to-speed on a lot of key details, such as Jubilee (and damn near every other mutant) being de-powered and her becoming a vampire, with the only thing keeping her from going on a blood sucking spree is Wolverine's blood because of his healing factor. Now one of the strengths of any good comic book (particularly a trade that is collecting a certain story) is giving some key details so  that a reader isn't totally loss, and I do feel that Wolverine & Jubilee: Curse of the Mutants does a fair job of doing just that.

Now the actual plot of the story is that Jubilee is trying to cope with her new Vampiric state, but it isn't really going well, Wolverine takes her off to Siberia because of the lack of sunlight where she gets used as a pawn by the leader of a Vampire gang to get Wolverine to do a task for them. Outside of the blood-suckers, it's a fairly standard plot with Wolverine over-coming the odds to win the day There is plenty of action and character development, but with the title having both 'Wolverine & Jubilee' in the title, one would have assumed they would've been sharing the action, but this is more of a 'Wolverine' story for a good 3/4ths of it. Not a bad thing, just took a little out of what I was expecting, but I did enjoy reading it.

Oh I almost forget (yeah how could I forget something I'm writing...) there is one added bonus to Wolverine & Jubilee: Curse of the Mutants, it also includes Uncanny X-Men #244 which was the issue in which Jubilee debuted. Even though she is not the focus in that, it is an enjoyable read.


It's been a while since I've been Batman, and finally TellTale released chapter four of Batman: The Enemy Within, and while it was a little short, it did do a lot in terms of building John up to being the Joker, and if it wasn't for Amanda Waller, I think John wouldn't have gone off the deep end. The stuff with Alfred leaves a lot to be desired as there is a no-win option there, and I will admit... I did get Batman killed once during this (It's on the highlight reel see below!)

STAR TREK ONLINE: Scylla and Charybdis

Star Trek Online is celebrating it's 8th anniversary and we have a big mission that ties up the Tzenkethi proto-matter plot and introduces a new enemy, the Hur'q, one of the greatest foes from ancient Klingon history. The mission itself is a total slug fest, but well worth it, and the drama of having to defend Bajor not once but twice and the arrival of the Dominion and the surprise return of ODO has me eager for the next big mission!

And of course, here are highlights from my January 23, 2018 broadcast of Batman: The Enemy Within Chapter 4

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