Sunday, January 21, 2018

Future Mass Effect and Life is Strange Before The Storm Plans, Plus Mass Effect 3 Highlights

Tonight I finished my 'Renegade Run' through the Mass Effect Trilogy... but I'm not done with the games just yet, no sir... in fact I'm already planning to a 'Biotic' run where I'll play as a Male Commander Sheppard, the plan is to have to the romance with Ashley, and either Jack or Miranda... not Liara because when I romance Thane in Mass Effect 2, Liara has the nerve to basically say 'Since Thane is gonna die how about we hook back up' in the early stage of Mass Effect 3

Coming Spring / Summer 2018

But with the wrap up of my renegade run it means I have an opening on my schedule... which will allow for me to start playing Borderlands 2! The plan is to play as the Siren, even though from what I read her powers are different than Lilith's were in the first Borderlands Game

Also, just read that Life is Strange Before The Storm: Farewell is scheduled to be released on for March 6, 2018, and I'm looking forward to it.

Bonus Episode, Farewell... March 6, 2018

And of course here are highlights from my January 20, 2018 broadcast of Mass Effect 3!

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