Thursday, January 11, 2018

REVIEW: Justice League Power Rangers a kid, I had a lot of action figures, often from different franchises... Real Ghostbusters, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Star Trek, and so forth... and one thing I would do when I played with them is have them interact, thinking, it would be so cool if these characters would interact for 'real'... and come up with little ideas for why say the Ninja Turtles would pal-around with the crew of the Enterprise-D and do battle against Shredder and the Borg.

Now considering in recent years we've seen a lot of unlikely crossovers, and the general vibe of a lot of them is clearly from a kid perspective of these What Ifs that just about any kid could think up being put in comic book form... from Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles crossover over with the Ghostbusters... Doctor Who and Star Trek The Next Generation... or what I just finished reading today (after getting the trade collection from Amazon) Justice League and Power Rangers.

Originally released throughout 2017 (a year that saw both franchise get horrible new movies made) in a six issue mini-series, the base story is that Lord Zedd breaks into the Command Center, causes a ruckus leading to him and Zack (The Black Ranger) ending up in DC Universe, where a basic misunderstanding as a result of Batman being a dick leads to a fight between the Power Rangers and the likes of Superman, Wonder Woman, Jon Stewart, Cyborg & The Flash in Gotham City. Lord Zedd is found by Braniac, they team up go back to the Rangers Universe so that Braniac can get a 'Earth city' for his collection, the Rangers and Justice League team up, hi-jinks ensue and the day is eventually saved.

Yeah that's a bare-bones plot description without giving away too many spoilers, but the scenario in and of itself is what makes this Justice League Power Rangers work, we get the heroes fighting each other for a bit and then working together to save the day... how many people who had action figures of both franchises came up with something similar growing up? And it's because of that, I found myself smiling as I read through the story. Every little detail from Wonder Woman using her lasso to find out the truth about the Rangers to the Rangers having to use some spare pieces of Justice League attire when they lose their powers (Kimberly wearing a Hawk Girl mask and using the Green Arrow's bow and arrow for example) to Alpha 5 calling Braniac selfish just works on so many levels, plus the ending leaves an opening for sequel

Of course I would have to talk about the artwork, which is easy on the eyes, no necessary dark gritty coloring. If there is something about the artwork that I don't like is people talking through their teeth or with their mouths closed, but that is just nit picking.

FINAL VERDICT: Highly Recommend

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