Monday, July 30, 2018

If You Are Having Trouble Launching BlazBlue Cross Tag and Have MacAfee

1. Open your McAfee panel
2. Press the gear icon in the top right corner
3. Go to quarantine
4. Scroll all the way down. Last file should be BBTAG.exe (though the description might say something about a thread)
5. Restore the file
6. Back in the panel, press the "PC security" tab
7. Double click "Realtime scan(ing)" (Again guess work)
8. You now see a drop down that is called "Excepted files"(or some such)
9. Expand it and you will get an option to add files, press that and go to the game directory and sellect BBTAG.exe and press okay.

Stream Recap July 29, 2018 - Sunday Night Delights!

Friday, July 13, 2018

Talking About Humble Bundle, Paladins, NCAA Foortball & More!

This Week's Topics Include
Humble Bundle Sale on all Square Enix / Final Fantasy Games!
Hi Rez Stuidos Says Listen To The Non-Paying Players
Paladins Introducing New Character Koga In Upcoming Update
Sudden Demand For the Return of NCAA Football From EA Sports After 5 Years
The Questionable Results of ChildCare.Co.Uk's

Twitch Recap July 12, 2018 - Star Trek Online

11/14/2019 Star Trek Online

Had a great stream of Star Trek Online tonight as I tacked the entire Dyson Sphere story arc (which meant spending time in the battle zones)...