Friday, March 16, 2018

Thursday Night Trek and Overwatch, WWE Does The Right Thing

On tonight's twitch broadcast, I lead off with Star Trek Online with a couple of big missions with my 'Admiral Casden' character to wrap up 2409 and to begin 2410 with Mindscape. Then I broke out Zagreus to do some STFs for a bit... and yeah the long queue times sour me... which lead me to switch over to Overwatch for a lot of fun with D.Va in Mayhem, including a Play Of The Game.

Highlights of course will be below

So with all the righteous outrage over the WWE Honoring The Not So Fabulous Moolah, the WWE did the right thing and renamed the battle royal... sure it was because Snickers got involved in saying 'hey we don't want our brand associated with that particular woman considering her Trump Like Behavior, and as a wrestling fan I'm happy the right thing was done.

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