Friday, March 23, 2018

The Devil Lady Episode 9: Eyes

It’s Friday March 23, 2018…. and nearly all the snow that came down a couple of days ago has melted… the weekend is finally here once again, and we kick it off like I always do, talking a little Anime.

This week I’m going over episode nine of Go Nagi’s The Devil Lady which first aired December 6, 1998.

In the fallout of episode eight, Jun is sulking about Asuka and Dr Bates being disappointed in her performance against the Newscaster Beach, and on top of that, Jun feels like she is being watched. Throughout the episode there are instances of her sensing a presence is watching her, and she gets super tense to the point it causes others to be concerned for her… Now Yuasa, Jun’s agent thinks its because she is starting to feel the pressure of being a very successful supermodel, with being on magazine covers all over the place… and people at the HA thinks she’s got a phobia about being watched related to her being a Devil Lady and worrying about people finding out… which is stupid consider one thing that Asuka has said REPEATEDLY that Jun could sense the presence of other beasts…. Now sure part of Jun’s issues is fear about being discovered, that’s fine… but to not even consider their being a beast making maters worse and damn near causing Jun to flip out is just silly.

The beast in question is basically a very weird multi-eyed creature whose human form was clearly that of a perverted / psychotic guard at an amusement park who looks for the perfect eyes… and during the episode we see it go after a woman and gouge her eyes out… apparently the EIGHTH VICTIM… and its only when Asuka is on the crime scene does she put two and two together to do something about it. In fact it’s Asuka and her HA minions who deal with the beast by roasting it with flame throwers because looking at it turns out to be the beast’s greatest weakness… so yeah for all the issues it causes Jun, the beast of the week is a total pushover.

That said, there was some great moments namely when Jun finally tells Kazumi off, when feeling like she’s being watched in the shower, she hears the bathroom door closed and Jun stops what she’s doing gotes to Kazumi and says exactly what I’ve been saying that Kazumi forced her way into her home and took over while calling her a peeper before realizing everything was related to a beast…. And this led to a really cool moment of Jun bolting out of her apartment in her bathrobe, running up to the roof, ditching her robe and transforming in one smooth motion… now sure all the eyes of the beast paralyze her with fear leading to Asuka being the one to deal with it, but for Jun it’s a cool moment of wanting to confront the issue head on.

Overall solid episode from start to finish, Jun feeling uncomfortable and unnerved was really sold well with the artwork… oh there was a sub-plot element of the Detective looking dude approaching Kazumi and telling her to re-think her friendship with Jun, but that was just another step into the process of Kazumi learning Jun’s secret… but Kazumi sucks so I could care less about that.

Next week episode 10 of the Devil Lady and on Monday: Doctor Who The Tenth Planet!

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