Monday, March 5, 2018

Sunday Night: From Smite To The Ring

Sunday Night March 4, 2018 was supposed to be all about Smite which it was for a good while with a lot of fun with fellow Dare to Stream members Crazykiller1320, Cammi_316, CmdrDean and Mitenscirca joining in to wreck some fools in the arena. It always super fun to team up with my Dare To Stream buddies in Smite and other games.

Afterward it was off to Them's Fightin Herds cause the subject of My Little Pony popped up and considering that game's history it seemed perfect. Following that it was off to Overwatch for a bit, not a good night there but I did get a Top Play (YAY!) and finally tested streaming WWE 2K17, had some success early with wins as Becky Lynch and Ivory, then upped the difficulty for myself and was getting my butt hammered as if I was Jenna Haze working with Sean Michaels.

Still here are tonight's highlights

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