Sunday, February 18, 2018

We Need People Control

Last year some kid got shot and killed outside of my home, but you know what, despite that happening near my residence... I have to laugh at the 'social justice' aftermath every time there is a tragedy because they always want to blame guns... news flash boys and girls, guns are not the problem... the real problem is with people, always has been, always will be. Just take a look on Twitter or Facebook and you'll see more sociopaths goofballs spewing some religious or political rhetoric that it warps the minds of the easily brainwashed. We live in a world where people people get loaded up on drugs because they aren't mentally perfect, where people get talked into strapping dynamite to their chests and charging into a market place and where people vote for Democrats and Republicans.... it's a never ending cycle. Hell these were issues happening back in the early to mid-90s... when things were much looser than they are now, and back then we had to just worry about people using fertilizer to take out damn near an entire building..So until people change, it's just going to end up repeating itself over and over again.

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