Monday, February 26, 2018

Unable To Review Doctor Who The Smugglers

Hello everyone, Hope you all had a nice weekend, and we’re here to kick the week off right, talking about some Classic Doctor Who.

And for the next four weeks I was going to talk about The Smugglers, the season four opener, which followed up on Ben and Polly entering the TARDIS in part 4 of the War Machines to close out season three. But there is a problem,

You see a few weeks I had some major computer issues, and basically lost many of the digital files I had that I had on stand-by, and among the things lost was my copy of the Loose Cannon reconstruction of The Smugglers, a four part story that saw The Doctor finding out that he had stowaways in the form of Ben and Polly, who are astounding on seeing the TARDIS and landing in 17th century Conrwall where they encounter pirates in search for a treasure.

Now my research showed that The Smugglers was one of the more violent stories of Doctor Who, and it got heavily censored when it was sold to air in Australia… but thanks to the BBC junking of things they had in their archives, the Smuggler’s was lost.

There were rumors in October of 2016 and in January of 2017 that maybe the story was recovered, but I’ve yet to see anything concrete on that front, because if it was recovered one would’ve though the BBC would’ve gotten it out on DVD by now, in which case I would’ve gotten it)

But alas, until I find another copy of the Loose Cannon Production’s reconstruction of The Smugglers, this will go down as one story of Doctor Who I cannot review.

Don’t worry though, I did double check and I do have The Tenth Planet… and I’ll begin reviewing that next week.

Sorry folks

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