Friday, February 16, 2018

The Devil Lady: Seed

The end of another week is upon us, and for this week’s Anime Review, I’m going over Go Nagi’s the Devil Lady episode 4, ‘Seed’ which first aired November 1, 1998

Picking up right where episode three ends, Jun reverts to her human form and plummets to the ground and is taken to HA HQ, waking up and believing she is trapped, Jun reflects on how she felt always different from other kids growing up, when they were playing, she would be sick in bed and when she went to Tokyo to become a model, she had fainting spells. Asuka brings her some clothes because lets face it, Jun loses whatever she’s wearing when she goes into literal beast mode and brings Jun to the apparent boss of the HA, who explains that prior to recent events, the beasts were normally dealt with by the police and local military, and the reason why Jun was recruited was because things are getting beyond what they can handle. Now I bet if Jun was told that from the start, she would probably be more willing to go along with things.

Returning home, Jun finds Kazumi waiting with her stuff out in the hallway, as its revealed Kazumi has no where to go with her parents dead. Jun trying to be understanding and not wanting to reveal her secret is in a tough spot as Kazumi needs some moral support after seeing her parents get killed, but a call from Asuka has Jun rushing into action to deal with a new beast.

The beast of the episode is first a woman named Noriko who is apparently the mistress of some douche-bag stuck at work who brought her up for a little horizontal mambo before telling her to scram, she’s having none of it and transforms into what looks like Biollante from the Godzilla films… and that’s really all I can say about it because as soon as Jun arrives on the scene and transforms she unleashes some sort of energy wave that takes out the beast and the entire 7th floor of an office building… giving Asuka something to worry about and hoping Jun never loses sight of her humanity

This episode is kind of a mixed bag, as we get more of an understanding on Jun’s background and more insight into the HA. For all intents and purposes, Kazumi basically forces Jun to bring her inside while saying the rest of her stuff is arriving the next day. We are introduced in this episode to Asuka’s personal secretary Maeda, who comes across as a nice dude who seems to have some concerns about Jun’s well being. The best moments of the episode has to be when Jun and Asuka go meet the beast and Jun tells Asuka not to tell her what to do when Asuka demands that she transforms already, giving a clear indication to me that Jun is getting sick of Asuka’s attitude towards her, which is further supported in an earlier conversation when Asuka needles Jun about being so eager and speculating Jun has developed a taste for blood in which Jun responds that she is wanting to stop the beasts if possible.

Anyway that will do it for this week’s anime review, next week I’ll go over episode 5, ‘Shark’, between now and then I’ll be wrapping up season three of Classic Doctor Who on Monday with ‘The War Machines Part 4’ and of course you can find me on twitch seven nights a week playing a variety of games.

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