Thursday, February 22, 2018

Rogue: The Complete Collection

Back when the 1992 X-Men series first aired, there were a number of characters that one could consider 'break out stars', and the southern-belle power house known as Rogue was certainly on that list. Her banter with Gambit, good ol' southern charm and tragic backstory that was explored quite  a bit made her a well-rounded character... you felt bad for her that she couldn't touch anyone because of the nature of her powers and you rooted for her and Gambit to somehow get together.

Over the world of comics, Rogue's popularity from the animiated series lead to her getting the two four-issue mini series, one in 1995, another in 2001... and then a full 12 issue run in 2005 which one could consider to be just two six-issue mini-series... and it's that 12 issue run that is collected in 'Rogue: The Complete Collection.

The first half, known as 'Going Rogue' sees our hero return home to Mississippi following a mission with the X-Men to discover some dark secrets about her family's past, and the second half, called 'Forget Me Not' sees Rogue's days as a villain come back to haunt her, and without going into spoiler territory (even though both stories are 13 years old at this point), combined they are a fine look at Rogue in exploring more of her history, there are some bumps in the road with how convoluted things get with 'Going Rouge' since it is a slower paced story, but there's enough character moments to make up for any thing like (for example anything involving Gambit who was blind at the time). I do feel that 'Forget Me Not' was more of an excuse to remind folks of Rogue's days as a villain, but it was filled with quite a lot of action. These two sharp contrasts in tone is thanks to the fact that the two overall stories had two different writers who set out to do different things

Moving on to the artwork, the twelve issue run had three different art teams and boy does that show, and overall 'Going Rogue' looks a lot better and more consistent than 'Forget Me Not' since only one art team worked on first six series, while two different teams worked on the second. Taking that out of the equation, then overall the artwork is solid, easy on the eyes and helps convey the story to the reader, and you can't ask more than that.

If there is a problem with Rogue The Complete Collection is that it is only collecting the 2005 12 issues and not included the first two mini-series, because then that would be truth in the title, still for what it is, it is a sold trade collection that gives you two six-issues stories and more of an insight into the mutant from Mississippi.

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