Thursday, February 22, 2018

Paladins Battlegrounds and the awesomness of Stream Elements

So today, Paladins unleashed the much anticipated Battlegrounds mode and it is gloriously fun, it's hard to get angry at getting killed quickly in such a mode, and yes it is pretty much directly a copy of PUBG, but with the fact that all the champions can use their abilities and are looking for enhancements, it actually out-does PUBG's 'level playing field' mindset. I've had my successes and failures playing it but it was a blast and I love turning into a chicken in a desperate attempt to escape and live on.... but best of all Paladins is FREE TO PLAY, so you can save your wallet for a fun PUBG alternative!

Also during tonight's broadcast, the one bot I use to manage a number of items Stream Elements went down for a number of folks, and after reporting it to them on twitter, they made sure everything was working. In the wake of losing Dr Angry Bot, Stream Elements has proven themselves to go above and beyond the call of duty to ensue things got back to normal ASAP.

Anyway here are highlights of tonight's broadcast!

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